August Book of the Month – “Perfect Black” by Crystal Wilkinson

“Crystal Wilkinson’s Perfect Black is powerful witch-work. In these cascading lyrics, Wilkinson casts her glittering net of protection over the bodies and hearts of every Black girl. The poet’s past self, ‘a girl, not yet trouble,’ is a dreamer whose desires—for love and intellectual play, for spiritual radiance and sexual empowerment—still carry sweet potency. Here, […]

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April Book of the Month – “Writing Appalachia: An Anthology” Edited by Katherine Ledford & Theresa Lloyd

Edited by Katherine Ledford, Theresa Lloyd and Rebecca Stephens Published by: The University Press of Kentucky Imprint: The University Press of Kentucky Despite the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding Appalachia, the region has nurtured and inspired some of the nation’s finest writers. Featuring dozens of authors born into or adopted by the region over the past […]

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